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How do You Test EMail Connectivity?

How do You Test EMail Connectivity?

Once you setup the mail gateway with an IP address, port, and domain name.  How can you test email connectivity?  How do you force the MARS Appliance to send an email?

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Re: How do You Test EMail Connectivity?

There is no "test e-mail connectivity" button/function. Essentially you need to configure inspection rules to notify you when they are fired by mars.

You will need to setup a user (preferably a non-admin account for testing) under "Management"-"user management"(if you haven't already done so) make sure to supply e-mail address.

Now you can "Configure a Rule to Send an Alert Action." the following link explains how to do this...An easy one would be the "System Rule: CS-MARS Login Failures - Non-Admin User" rule. Follow the instructions in the link below under the "Configure a Rule to Send an Alert Action" section to modify the rule mentioned above. Keep in mind that this rule only fires when there are login failures. Once you have modified this rule try logging into mars using the non-admin user with a bad should get a e-mail from MARS.

Hope this helps.

Dustin Suko

Re: How do You Test EMail Connectivity?

As Dustin mentioned, there is no e-mail connectivity test option.

You need to add an e-mail address to an admin user. Then you can do any of the following to generate a test e-mail:

  • Add an email notification action to a rule (knowing that this rule fires frequently). You will receive an email once the rule is triggered by an incident.
  • Run a 'Batch Query', you will automatically get an e-mail once the batch query finishes.

You can also verify if MARS is receiving any communication via port 25 (SMTP) using the following CLI Command

tcpdump tcp port 25



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