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How to calculate & provision the bandwidth ?

Dear all,

I notice that the MARS hardware specification:

For EPS / FPS ... depends on the models.

But does it mean the capability that MARS can process both or either ?

For example, should we have to calculate both consumption of syslog packets & NetFlow packets when calculating the bandwidth?

Or we should just calculate either syslog packets or NetFlow packets when calculating the bandwidth usage?

Becuase the DCN is consisted of ATM switches, we must calculate & provision the bandwidth usage.

Thanks & Appreciate


Re: How to calculate & provision the bandwidth ?

If you are sending both syslog and netflow data, then you need to calculate both. If syslog is within the supported EPS but Netflow is more, it will affect both.



Community Member

Re: How to calculate & provision the bandwidth ?

Dear ...

The thing is ... whilst we made a traffic generation test at (64-byte length) line rate, the MARS55 told us she reached the capability limitation.

That time, we only:

1.) turned on the syslog delivery with "rate-limit 1500 1" configuration on ASA5580-40

2.) turned on the permitted-ACL w/ log parameter.

I wonder at this time ... can MARS55 still process NetFlow data?

What we want to know is the MARS specification of EPS/FPS processing.

When either reaches the limitation, can the other one be processed?

Besides, the calculation of bandwidth usage depends on the MARS5 capability.

Right now we can only calculate the syslog messages bandwidth usage.

For example:

Each syslog message = 200 bytes

1500 syslog messages = 2400000bps = 2.4Mbps

But for the FPS = 30,000 ... what's the relationship w/ Ethernet MTU ?

Thanks & Appreciate

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