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MARS Device Groups

I am working with MARS 4.3.4 and have a question on what you can do with Device Groups. I don't see where they can be referenced in queries or rules. Am I missing something?


Re: MARS Device Groups

No, you're not. They're somewhat pointless really. You can create them, but they're only used to filter what is displayed, you still have to manually select each individual device in a query.

In other words, you can't create a report using a device group and expect future updates to the device group to show up in the report.

FWIW, there are lots of other "groups" like this too. Protego/Cisco seems to have forgotten the real value of making groupings like this.

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Re: MARS Device Groups

Thanks for clearing that up. Do you know if there is will be any change to this in version 6.x?


Re: MARS Device Groups

I heard crickets when I last mentioned this to our Cisco reps (including some higher ups in the MARS product line) and I don't remember seeing it mentioned in the latest 6.x overview. However, I never did confirm though. I'll ask my local rep to find out because it would be an extremely nice feature.


Re: MARS Device Groups


Thanks for the follow up work with Cisco. I rate it a "5" and please keep us all in the loop.




Re: MARS Device Groups

Thanks Paul. I went back through my cisco sent/received items (I keep them all for eternity) and I've been asking about this since at least 2006. In October of 2007 I was asked for input on reporting enhancements, and I suggested being able to use groupings as "variables" in queries/reports/rules. Hopefully it's on cisco's radar because I'm obvously not the only one asking for it.

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