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MARS stops responding

I have a curious issue and I'm unsure of how to diagnose it. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

This issue has a couple symptoms that I believe are related. While in the MARS web interface, at seemingly random times, I will click a link only to have the connection drop with a resulting "page cannot be displayed". When I immediately retry the same link, it will work.

Also, we have nagios configured to check the server with pings, and it will occasionally stop responding to those as well. After a few minutes, it begins to respond again.

So I am unsure how to determine what is causing this. Has anyone had this happen before?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: MARS stops responding

I had the same issue last winter and it was due to my firewall service module my traffic was passing through. I think we were on version 4.0.3 and it was causing the packets to get out of order, which MARS didnt like and it would do the same thing to the website. 4.0.4 fixed the issue. If your traffic is passing through the FWSM, take a look at that.

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Re: MARS stops responding

I'd also recommend checking for errors at your switch and verifying your port profile.

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