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WARNING: Cookie information is corrupt

Followed FN - 63170.

After C3200_RM_ALT.srec.124-15r.T1 is installed I still get the cookie warning and when I do a show cookie it still shows all 00 00 00's.

Can't get to the next step, TFTP or xmodem the new IOS image. It haults at rommon everytime. When I attempt to TFTP or xmodem the new image "WARNING: Cookie information is corrupt" scrolls down the screen and when complete I get a "Download failed, invalid image"...something like that.

Now I get more error messages...

System Bootstrap, Version 12.4(15r)T1,RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Technical Support:

Copyright (c) 2008 by cisco Systems, Inc.

correct_flash_nvram:Both copies of NVRAM corrupted

environment checksum failed

WARNING: Cookie information is corrupt

C3200 platform with 131072 Kbytes of main memory

rommon 1 >

Any suggestions????


Re: WARNING: Cookie information is corrupt

Have you tried reinstalling a new image?

Community Member

Re: WARNING: Cookie information is corrupt

Yes I did. It turns out once the cookie is corrupt there is no way for a customer of Cisco to re-create the cookie. It holds information (hardware information) that is necessary for the IOS upgrade. It will transfer to flash but when complete it will not verify correctly and will fail the download.

This link explains it all. The bootstrap upgrade is only to prevent the cookie from being corrupt. Once it is you must RMA with Cisco.

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