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Asymmetric download and upload speed for Metro Ethernet

Hi everybody,

Recently I encountered a strange problem. My test setup consists of PC- MetroE-PC. One of the PC's acts as a client while the other acts as a server. The FTP download and upload speeds are different with download being slower and upload being faster. There is no connection to the internet and this is just a test setup. I am using those freeware FTP client/server applications. The MetroE line speed is 100M. Could the MetroE connection be faulty or the FTP application is the culprit or the asymmetric speeds for MetroE is a normal phenomenon??

Also, the download/upload speeds for back to back PC connection is the same. The dowload and upload speed for PC-Router-PC setup is almost the same.


Aditya Naidu


Re: Asymmetric download and upload speed for Metro Ethernet

When EoMPLS is deployed in conjunction with MPLS VPN, the Service Provider will be able to provide tremendous flexibility in the variety of both L2 and L3 network services that can be provisioned for their Metro customers, and will do so over a single, simplified, integrated MPLS backbone network.

The speed may be like gigabit ethernet.

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Re: Asymmetric download and upload speed for Metro Ethernet

Are you sure that speed is symmetric 100M?

About 2 years ago I had similar problem and hard drive read/write speed was to blame. In my case download was faster since on server read speed was faster than write speed.

I suggest that you use some other method to determine speed of your leased service since you do not know FTP software specs. There are some free ping flooding applications that can generate that amount of traffic.

In any case find a way to generate one way traffic and measure switch port on your side with MRTG or something else that will give you data amount over time measurement.

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