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Bellsouth Metro Ethernet -- is it QinQ?

I have a customer who has bought some connections from Bellsouth's Metro Ethernet product. I am having a tough time getting someone at Bellsouth to give me any information about the product.

Are they just using QinQ (802.1q tunneling) to make it all happen? If that's the case then I should just trunk to them with 802.1q and not have to do anything else, I believe keeping the native vlan 1 should even be fine. If anyone knows anything about this or has connected sites using the Bellsouth metro-e product please let me know.



Re: Bellsouth Metro Ethernet -- is it QinQ?

VLAN-transparent service is also referred to as Ethernet Wire Service (EWS). VLAN-specific service is also referred to as QinQ tunneling trunk UNI in Metro Ethernet terminology. A VLAN-specific service on a subinterface coexists with the VLAN-transparent service, often IEEE 802.1Q tunneling, on a physical interface. VLANs configured for a VLAN-transparent service and a VLAN-specific service follow the VLAN-specific service configuration. If you need to configure IEEE 802.1Q tunneling, configure this VLAN-transparent service in the normal manner

Re: Bellsouth Metro Ethernet -- is it QinQ?


looks like it is Ethernet over SONET, with a possibility to migrate it to EoMPLS:

"Currently BellSouth uses a specialty Ethernet switch to support its shared multipoint offering, but that may change. "We're converting to more of a general purpose device that will be part of our MPLS network and will deliver Ethernet and other services," hints Kaish.

Some carriers have implemented shared multipoint services directly over fiber, which means that those services do not include Sonet restoration capability, effectively limiting them to non-critical traffic. But BellSouth's metro Ethernet network is Sonet-based and customers can leverage Sonet's restoration capabilities, Kaish says."

Another source of information supporting the statements above:

In any case this does not mean straight forward, that you can use the service to setup trunks between your switches. This depends on the interface configuration of (presumably) the 7600. They might restrict you to dot1Q with one VLAN or even to plain ethernet.

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Regards, Martin

P.S.: have a look at which should answer many questions! Especially they state "Dedicated Ethernet supports VLAN tagging" - sounds like setting up a dot1Q trunk with them will be supported.

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