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Cisco ME3400 and ME3400E Differences?


I was hoping to glean some information from the community on the undocumented differences between the ME3400 and ME3400E. It's quite clear to see from CCO documentation that the newer E variant now takes field replaceable power supplies and fan modules so from a hardware point of view they are a different chassis, having said that experience tells me that this is likely not to be the only hardware diffrerence once you get inside the chassis. On the software side, both switches have been aligned to run the same IOS software so it's reasonable to expect that the software only features i.e. the ones that does not rely on specific hardware to have been aligned too.

Whilst waiting for some ME3400Es to arrive I upgraded a pair of lab ME3400s to 12.2(58)SE2 Metro IP Access software, which runs on both platforms. I have noticed that these non Es do not support selective QinQ even though the software advisor claims they do. Is that the only difference? I expect not.

Any comments from either POC / Lab testing or operational experience on the differences between these 2 models would be useful. In particular I would be interested to hear about QOS shaping and policing, layer 2 features differences and other hardware related information.



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