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Cisco SCE 1000.

Has anyone started to use SCE1000? we are considering to deploy SCE1000 to replace our PackShaper, any comments would be helpful.

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Re: Cisco SCE 1000.

Hi a12288 (funny name :))

A part of our organisation has begun to deploy it into parts of our markets with huge succes.

Compared to the PacketShaper you get much more performance and more features. The GUI is strait forward to use as long as you have understood the terminoligy and the structure.

Reporting features are well defines with alot of great reports as default. Also you are able to export many interresting details for billing and so on to external systems.

If I recall it correctly PacketShaper is unable to identify P2P traffic if it has been encrypted. This should not be a problem for the SCE. Cisco normally releases new filters about every 8 weeks, s? they are quite fast to come up with new filter.

I would recommend you to replace your PacketShaper or at least try it our. Your local broker might be able to lend you a box for testing.


Lars Christensen

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Re: Cisco SCE 1000.

Hi, Lars.

Appreciate your response

Best Regards.

Leo Song

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Re: Cisco SCE 1000.

I thought the packetshaper was poor in reporting. I have tried the allot,sce, and packeteer. The sce1000 when I deployed it took a unix savy person to get it installed. We had to hack a lot of the install scripts. We ported it to mysql from sybase (default) and that worked wonderfully.

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Re: Cisco SCE 1000.


Please i need your help, am currently deploying SCE 2020 with SM and CM and need to use mysql database instead of bundled sybase. Can you please help me with the detail of how you were able to successfully achieve this.



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