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GSR CSC issue


I am trying to investigate a problem with 12416 GSR router. I was getting these messages continuosly on this router for about 7 hrs continuously. These were the messages:

%ENV_MON-2-TEMP: Hotpoint temp sensor(slot 17) temperature has reached WARNING level at 62(C)

%ENV_MON-2-TEMP: Hotpoint temp sensor(slot 16) temperature has reached WARNING level at 61(C)

These slots 16 and 17 are occupied by CSC's. Cisco document says that these could be some environmental problem. But if this is the case, this should be displayed with regard to ever card. But only these 2 cards were showing these errors.

Now this temperature has come back to 35 degree Celsius and there are no messages.

Have any one experienced similar type of issue ?




Re: GSR CSC issue

Hi Manu,

Looks like you have run into the BUG CSCdx59003. Though this is not the section, here are the BUG details.

Hope this helps.


Symptoms: A Cisco 12000 series router may report incorrect environmental

values, as the following environmental logs display:

%ENV_MON-2-VOLTAGE: MBUS 5V supply (slot 1) volts has reached SHUTDOWN level

at 5 m(V)

%ENV_MON-2-TEMP: Hotpoint temp sensor (slot 17) temperature has reached

SHUTDOWN level at 756(C)

%ENV_MON-2-VOLTAGE: Card 3.3v supply (slot 17) volts has reached CRITICAL

level at 2560 m(V)

Although the environmental logs indicate that the shutdown level has been

reached, the router will not shut down the line cards for which the incorrect

environmental values are reported in the majority of cases. If, however,

three SHUTDOWN alarms occur back to back, the linecard will, in fact, be


Conditions: This symptom is observed on a Cisco 12000 series router that is

running Cisco IOS Release 12.0(21)S3, Release 12.0(21)S5, Release 12.0(21)ST2,

or Release 12.0(22)S.

Workaround: The only workaround is to turn off all environmental monitoring

via the config command "no environment-monitor scan".




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Re: GSR CSC issue

Thanks Swaroop for your post. Thanks for providing the bug details.

The version I am using is 12.0(31)S2. But it is not listed in the affected versions list. So I am not sure that I am also facing the same bug or not.

Can you think of some other reasons for this. I am confused because this error was popping out continuosly for some 6 hours (although it is a warning), and it was pointing to only these CSC's.



Re: GSR CSC issue

Hi Manu, had seen this problem with one of my old accounts. Long time back. And had implemented the workaround as specified in the BUG details. It never had reoccured.

If it reoccurs with you, may be you may want to update the TAC team so that they may provide a resolution and also update the BUG details with your finding in IOS 12.0(31)S2.



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Re: GSR CSC issue


Is there any other way to solve this bug? Turning off the scan is not solution. I suspect for IOS problem. Shall I do upgrade my GSR 12016? To what version?



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Re: GSR CSC issue

Found this thread while looking around, hopefully your problem must have been resolved by now, otherwise please follow these instructions and open a TAC case if it doesn't help.

Generally, reports of HOTPOINT temperature warnings are caused by one of the following:

- dirty/damaged air filters

- empty linecard slots without blanks installed

- air flow blocked

- room/closet did not meet chassis temperature specifications

Please do the following:

- Ensure there are card blanks installed in all empty slots in chassis

- Clean the air filter throughly

- Ensure there is nothing blocking or obstructing air flow

- Measure the temperature near slot 17 and provide the results

- Verify that the blower in the back of chassis is working properly

Or you may follow these instructions if TAC recommends

- Issue "clear facility-alarm environment"

- Swap SFC in slot 17 with SFC in slot 19 or 20 to see if the high temperature follows the

SFC or remains with slot 17)

12xxx Specifications:


Operating: 320 to 1040F (00 to 400C)

Nonoperating: -40 to 1490F (-200 to 650C)


Operating: 10 to 90% noncondensing

Nonoperating: 5 to 95% noncondensing





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