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load balancing via CHOC12/STS3

Hi, our customer has a connection between 2 x 12012 via the 4 embedded channels of CHOC12/STS3 module.As every subinterface has its own ip-subnet we have 4 equal paths to every destinations.

Customer wants to configure dCEF per-packet load balancing and is concerned if he can get packet sequence problems for his VoIP applications like it may happen on 'normal' equal path cost connections when load balancing per-packet instead of per-destination.

Does anybody know if this can be a concern on the embedded channels ?

Regards Guenther


Re: load balancing via CHOC12/STS3

Generally speaking, for a given source-destination pair, with Per-packet load balancing enabled, packets might take different paths which could introduce reordering of packets. Thus Per-packet load balancing is inappropriate for voice over IP traffic and also for certain other types of data traffic that require packets received to be in sequence. For more information please see Whether the CHOC12/STS3 module has some special meachanism built in to take care of this is unknown to me. Per-packet load balancing via CEF is not supported on Engine 2 Gigabit Switch Router (GSR) line cards (LCs).

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