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ME-3600-X VPLS: rewrite incoming tag push: problem

Here is a simple config:


vlan 123
l2 router-id
l2 vfi PPPoE autodiscovery
 vpn id 2
interface GigabitEthernet0/1
 switchport trunk allowed vlan none
 switchport mode trunk
 mtu 1504
 service instance 1 ethernet
  encapsulation dot1q 2-1000
  rewrite ingress tag push dot1q 101 symmetric
  bridge-domain 123 split-horizon group 1
interface Vlan123
 mtu 9000
 no ip address
 xconnect vfi PPPoE


OSPF anb BGP for "autodiscovery" is also set up and working.


Problem is what data being sent over pseudowire with zero VLAN ID outer tag instead of 101. Figured it out with wiresharking the link between ME3600 and other router (ASR).

Is that a bug or do i do something wrong? I basically want to encapsulate data coming on Gi0/1 into QinQ frames and terminate them on other router.




Community Member

ZERO views in 2 days... is

ZERO views in 2 days... is there anybody out there or should i post it on other category?

Cisco Employee

What version are you running

What version are you running on ME3600 and ASR?

What kind of VC(type 5 or type 4) is negotiated between the 2 boxes(sh xconnect all detail)

Is ME3600 receiving untagged traffic?

The behaviour with PW VC type 4 has changed after 15.3S release.
Previously the tag added depended on the Bridge-domain but now the encapsulation of the
packet is retained. And for untagged packets a dummy tag with vlan-id 0 is added.

Best Regards,


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