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ME3400 pvlans & ip address conservation

We have a ME ring using ME3400Es and are going to use a portion of the bandwidth to provide internet access to our customers.  I was planning on using either private vlans or protected ports to conserve ip addresses - instead of giving each customer a /30, I could give them a single ip address, but our first customer needs 2 /30 blocks - one for the link from our router to the public side of his firewall and the other to link to his router on the inside (private) side of his network.  We have a single Class C block at this time - Will I need to give up on trying to conserve ip addresses and just start carving it up into /29s and /30s or would it make sense to divide the class C block in half and use one half, along with pvlans to give us 125 links to customer equipment and then use the other half to provide them the /30 they need by dividing it up - that would give us 32 /30 blocks. . .  Not sure what would make the most sense.

Thanks, Julie

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