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ME3600 FCS packet generation issue


My name is Jordi. I have a strange issue with one of my ME3600. I have a ME3600 connected to a C7609 via the G0/24 port and connected to another ME3600 connected via G0/22 port. In the middle of the connection between the two ME3600 there is a SDH network (Ethernet over SDH). I have a recurring issue in the ME3600, for some reason when the device receive a packet and forwards the packet, the device sends the packet with FCS errors, so the other end detects the "input error" and drops the packet. I don't know if the device sends the data corrupted or makes wrong the calculation of the FCS. The device can work correctly during two months and some day the device starts with this problem. Reloading the device fixes the issue during a time. I saw the issue for the first time at June. I changed the device, but the issue appeared again and I upgraded the IOS from 15.3(3)S to 15.4(2)S1 but still the same. I think that this issue could be a bug but I don't know which event triggers the issue. Someone could help me?

Thank you very much and sorry for my English.


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