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monitoring the network please help


We have a small network, a few cisco routers and switches and i have to set up a monitoring system, to efficiently manage our bandwidth...unfortunately i don't have a lot of knowledge in monitoring a network and i am asking for your help.

So, i want to set up a monitoring system with which i can see the bandwidth utilization on each interface, to see how much traffic a client makes, let's say in one month, and if a client calls and says he is not getting the bandwidth, he should, i should tell him to make a bandwidth test and i should be able to see much traffic is he making in that moment.

I know i have to use SNMP.Can anyone please recommend good books/materials/links on snmp.As i understand it, the routers and switches would be snmp agents and me from a remote workstation i can make a snmp get to see the statistics.Can i do what what i wrote with SNMP? If not what should i use?What software solution should i use?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time

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Re: monitoring the network please help


This link have information about SNMP:

also try using an MTRG software like this:

those are free to use and give you a nice look to what?s happening on an interface, MTRG is based on UDP or SNMP..

hope this helps....regards..


Re: monitoring the network please help

All you need is SNMP enabled on the switches and routers... Install this software and making the graphs you want is as simple as "point and click".

Yes you can do all of that easily, everything you asked!

Cacti is a much newer piece of software based on RRD, which was built by the same guy that wrote MRTG (which is not nearly as user friendly or scalable)

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