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Need help configuring Metro Ethernet (Customer Side)

We just purchased Metro Ethernet from our provider.

I come from a Frame Relay world where you have a DS3 at a POP site and multiple low end sites that are subinterfaced off.

Now we have MetroE at the POP site (500mb) and the low end sites each have 10mb connections.

The POP side is a 7500 series router running 12.1(27b)E2. We are connecting the Metro Gig connection to VIP4-80 RM7000 controller (1 GigabitEthernet).

The low end side is a 2801 running 12.4(12). On that side we are connecting it to Fa0/1.

I come completely from the Frame world and I am trying to compare the two, but I have a feeling its going to be completely apples and oranges.

Ive searched all over but cannot find good documentation on how to configure my routers (me being the customer end) to do kinda the same thing that frame did... basically point to point connections.

Any help in directing me to a place that has good configurations and explanations for the CUSTOMER point of view would be appreciated.

Most of my searching has turned up docs on how to configure it from an ISP/provider side.



Re: Need help configuring Metro Ethernet (Customer Side)

Just like what you did in FR, you will have to configure your Main Site interface as Trunk and then make Dot1Q subinterfaces for vlans on the remote side.

For this please get a sheet from your provider which specifies which vlans has he used to transport a specific remote site to the main site.

For eg: lets say there is a remote site x which connection to your HQ. Then you should have some information like remote site x connects to HQ on vlan 100.

Then you dont have to configure anything on the remote site router as its a L3 FA interface. But on the HUB site you will have to configure your 7500 GiG interface as


interface Gi2/0/0

no ip address


interface Gi2/0/0.100

encapsulation dot1q 100

ip address


The corresponding IP has to be there are your remote site x with vlan 100 ie:


interface fa0/0

ip add


The vlan for the above remote site is assigned on the SP's point of interconnect.

If you have not purchased P2P connections between sites, and its a multipoint connection (VPLS) this is more like an SVC. Then you dont have to do anything but configure the same IP subnet on all the sites.



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Re: Need help configuring Metro Ethernet (Customer Side)

I figured it was that easy.... I guess the problem is they didnt give me any VLAN information... Looks like I need to call the phone company :)

Ill let you know how it goes, thank you.

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