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OTUk:IAE and ODUk:OCI msg on ONS15454 MSTP after building OCHNC ccts

Got these same error msgs after creating 3 OCHNC circuits between 3 Roadm nodes with 6 new 10E-L1-C transponder cards.

As per the ONS15454 Troubleshoot Guide, the single-mode fiber patch cord connectors between the trunk port of the TXP cards and the roadm fiber patch pannels have been cleaned more than one.

It would not make sense if you have a dirty fibers on 12 patch cords or bad cards on all 6 modules.

Light power levels between the 40WSS/40DMX and the trunk port on TXP cards appear to be fine compared to a compatible working circuit:

Eg, 40WSS RX -17.9dbm on wavelength 1555.75nm, and 40DMX TX -16dbm

TXP trunk port 2 TX 4.7dbm, RX -16.8dbm

Any comments or insights would be appreciated.

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