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Performance issues with ME 3400

We are having an issue on our ME 3400 (cisco ME-3400G-12CS-D) using code: 12.2(35)SE1

We see issues when traversing traffic in one direction, and we have isolated an issue only to ME 3400 as when we replace this switch with 3750 we do not see same issues and throughput is very symmetric. Please see attached visio for more info


Re: Performance issues with ME 3400

You may try upgrading the code to 12.2.50SE as the max queue limit is 272 and the default is 162.But in 12.2.(35)SE1 the max queue limit is 272 and the default was 48.

You may also try configuring the flex links for load balancing. Flex Links provides Layer 2 redundancy without requiring Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). A pair of interfaces configured as primary and backup links can load balance traffic based on VLAN. VLAN-based load balancing improves network throughput by utilizing both links for traffic distribution for different VLANs. In case of a link failure, affected VLANs will be carried over by the other link

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Re: Performance issues with ME 3400

Thanks. we did found the same issue.

the other fix is to increase the queue size with a policy map.

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