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Hi all,

We are using Metro Ethernet between HQ and Branch. On HQ, there is a 4506 and on Branch, there is a 4506. and the physical speed is 1Gbps each other but Service Provider is limeted to 10Mbps.

What I want to do are ..

1. Limit the HTTP Traffic to 3Mbps

2. Guarantee the EIGRP Traffic to 1Mbps.

3. Other Traffic are changed fair queue

4. Other traffic are RED.

Configuration is ...(On HQ side..)

ip access-list extended EIGRP

permit eigrp any any


ip access-list extended WWW

permit tcp any any eq www


class-map EIGRP_CLASS

match access-group name EIGRP


class-map WWW_CLASS

match access-group name WWW


policy-map POL_EIGRP_HTTP


bandwidth percent 10


police 3000000 300000 conform-action

transmit exceed-action drop

class class-default




int gig 1/1

service-policy output POL_EIGRP_HTTP

bandwidth 10000

Is that work ?



Re: (Urgent)QoS...

Hi ,

Config is fine and it would work out . One suggestion , its better to go for shaping rather than policing for your http traffic.


vanesh k

New Member

Re: (Urgent)QoS...

Thanks network.king...

I have another question. In the configuration, especially in the interface giga 1/1, there is a 'Bandwidth' command,

Question is,Is the Bandwidth command limit the bandwidth of the interface from 1Gbps to 10Mbps ? or only for Dynamic Routing metric calculation?


Re: (Urgent)QoS...

Hi ,

Bandwidth command in interface plays a major role in cost calculation of dyanamic routing protocols and QOS .

Individual queues bandwidth is splitted based on the bandwidth specified in the interface.

Hope this helps


vanesh k

New Member

Re: (Urgent)QoS...

Many thanks network.king ..

Someone thinks I was wrong.

Normaly When we use a Metro Ethernet, ISP limit the bandwidth based on the contract.

In this case We contracted 10Mbps but the Physical bandwidth is 1Gbps and then If I configure the QoS like above, this will not work out, because ISP is not interest in our traffic priority, they are only interest in bandwidth even though QoS Configuration. So When we send more than 10Mbps, They will discard some packet including the EIGRP & HTTP.

So Resolution is We should send less than 10Mbps to guarantee EIGRP & HTTP traffic.

Is that right ?

Another question is

If I configure the bandwidth of an interface gig 1/1 from 1Gbps to 10Mbps, Is the traffic is limited to 10Mbps ?


Re: (Urgent)QoS...


All the queues bandwidth split is all based on the bandwidth what we configure on the interface .

And you are correct , if the total traffic is coming to 10M and some exceeding packets also cross the interface and reach the SP , he might drop the packet and we may not know whether its eigrp or http or other traffic.But the traffic reaching the ISP would not exceed 10M bcos your queues are limited and would drop the packet once the limit is reached .

If you want to make sure that your Eigrp packets should be prioritised , then it can be made as priority queue ( LLQ ) , so that they are always sent first.

You can also add by do a shaping of a total of 10M , so that only 10M traffic reaches the SP .

Just read the below link where it gives an idea to do shaping on sub-interface , but you can also do the same on gig interface.

Hope this helps.


vanesh k

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