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VPLS - Implementation

Hi Team

Can someone advise me on a basic VPLS implementation. i.e. the configurations on the PE's and P nodes and customer CE devices. CE device's will be routers. Its for a single customer. The requirement will be for 8 sites.

But for now i just need an overview of how to implement VPLS over MPLS technology.

I've tried to make this post as simple as possible, my previous posts I think went into to much detail.


C Williams

New Member

Re: VPLS - Implementation

C Williams,

there are many documents on Cisco's website covering this subject.

I use vpls within my P core network using a manual configuration.  ie lets say you have 8 routers in a mesh and you want to create a vpls instance for vlan 400.

Using ES20 cards on a 7600 router the configs look like this.


l2 vfi vlan400 manual

vpn id 400

neighbor ip-address(R2)



neighbor ip-address(R8)

each neighbor statement creates a l2 connection from R1.  Do this on all routers.  Thats it

you can also us iBGP to make this an auto connection.

Be aware if you are not using the ES20+ cards and SRE, MAC learning occurs with the xconnect statement.

The new configuration uses 802.1ah or MACinMAC so all the MAC address for a specific location is represented by 1 MAC address.


Jude Bryant

Network Engineer

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