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New Member

VPLS Setup Problem

Hi, I am trialling VPLS with BGP autodiscovery, using the configs supplied at


Using these templates, I am still unable to pass traffic between the endpoints.

Here is some show command output:

PE1_7604#sh mpls l2transport vc 24 det

Local interface: VFI VPLS-1 VFI up

MPLS VC type is VFI, interworking type is Ethernet

Destination address:, VC ID: 24, VC status: up

Output interface: none, imposed label stack {17}

Preferred path: not configured

Default path: active

Next hop: Invalid ADDR

Create time: 00:55:10, last status change time: 00:00:29

Signaling protocol: LDP, peer up

Targeted Hello: Id) ->

MPLS VC labels: local 19, remote 17

AGI: type 1, len 8, 000A 4773 0000 0018

Local AII: type 1, len 4, 0A00 0101 (

Remote AII: type 1, len 4, 0A00 0201 (

Group ID: local n/a, remote n/a

MTU: local 1500, remote 1500

Remote interface description:

Sequencing: receive disabled, send disabled

VC statistics:

packet totals: receive 0, send 0

byte totals: receive 0, send 0

packet drops: receive 0, send 0

PE1_7604#sh mpls forwarding-table

Local Outgoing Prefix Bytes Label Outgoing Next Hop

Label Label or VC or Tunnel Id Switched interface

17 Pop Label 0 Gi2/48

18 No Label l2ckt(25) 0 none point2point

19 No Label l2ckt(24) 0 none point2point

As you can see, my outgoing interface is "None" and my next hop is "Invalid ADDR". I suspect this is the problem, but can't fix it.


Re: VPLS Setup Problem

Check if you have configured uplink port for VPLS as port-channel because VPLS is not supported when the uplink is port-channel. Following link may help you

New Member

Re: VPLS Setup Problem

The uplink is not a port channel.

TAC have responded by saying that VPLS is only supported on the OSM-type interfaces?

We planed on using the uplink ports on our Sup720-3BXLs.

Cisco Employee

Re: VPLS Setup Problem


VPLS does indeed require that the core facing interface is either part of a SIP, ES or OSM card.


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