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6500 Virtual Switching System (VSS) design in MPLS PE PoP


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6500 Virtual Switching System (VSS) design in MPLS PE PoP

Please can someone advise..

Thanks in advance.

6500 Virtual Switching System (VSS) design in MPLS PE PoP


The VSS is not designed to function as a PE , its best fit in a DataCenter Environment where I have Multiple Links from Core/Access to the Distribution layer.

Although VSS provides Higher backblane Throughput, Ease and Single Administartion Managment, and Redundancy SSO between SUP engines at the Control Plane, These features wont help at the MPLS edge, why? because Both Chasis have identical configuration, So I cant have two links from the CE or from the P router to the same VSS Chasis, So I have No redundancy here.

what if a VSL link fails between the Two Chasis, Each chasis will revert to be as a standlone chasis with Identical Configuration, So I dont have redundancy here.

The VSS would be an ideal option as a PE router  if the CE and P routers can form a direct Layer-3 Eitherchannel to each of the VSS chasis in order to benefit from a redundancy, in this case we can say we have (Intra Chasis Redundancy).

Since this Type of Scenario is not an option, then its normaly Service Providers prefer (Inter Chasis Redundancy) by having Two Different PE routers with two different Configuration to have resilency.

Other than that, it could quitely fit.



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