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Any known issues for EBGP peering and VRF?

Hi, I have the following question. Currently my company is connected to two private networks using a private AS and eBGP and also is connected to internet using a public AS number and eBGP. The 3 networks are totally intependend from each other so, for this purpose up to now we had 3 separate routers to peer with other upstreams routers of the 3 separate networks (2 private/extranets and 1 internet).

The question is, is it possible to use VRF on a 7000 series router to combine the 3 routers to 1? For example is it possible to handle the 2 private networks as vrfs and leave the internet peering as normal traffic?

Are there any known issues with the eBGP and VRF/MPLS?



Re: Any known issues for EBGP peering and VRF?

You can do this. You can use one vrf each for each private network and use the global routing table for Internet routes. But, if there are other routers in your existing network who learn about the private networks and Internet you have to see how these routers will learn about those networks. You may have to run MPBGP on your company routers and use MPLS.

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Re: Any known issues for EBGP peering and VRF?

Ok. This sounds nice. My question now is, how can I do it? Suppose I start a routing BGP instance using my company's Internet AS number. Then I create a vrf instance named other. This group should bgp-peer with an upstream provider using a diferrent AS number given by the upstream provider. In the example of configurations that I found for PE-CE, the CE uses as next-hop the BGP AS of the router (i.e. the internet AS No). That's why I am a bit confused. Can you explain in a bit more detail, how this can be done?


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