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ASR9k - xconnect resilient configuration


Hi -


I have a MPLS core, and it's among other things used to carry l2 xconnect's


Now a customer wants to get a l2 xconnect - and is using another provider to reach me - and comes with 2x 10G ports for resiliency. I'm only "selling" one 10G xconnect through my network. 


how would I terminate the two 10G connections into one 10G xconnect. We would like to have the two resilient 10G connections in a standby fashion, not to have any loadsharing. Also we would like to refrain using rate limiting.

any thoughts pointing me in the right direction  - bridge/spanning tree? 





New Member

I can tell you that in a MPLS

I can tell you that in a MPLS network you can use L2VPN (VPLS) using bridge domains. You create one bridge-domain, one VFI and then put two pseudowire inside it. You need to have BGP configured in your MPLS network. This feature is available in platforms like ASR9000. If your customers comes from a different ISP means that there are two BGP network with different AS and I think is difficult to achieve this. Take a look here:


I hope this will help

Gianrico Fichera



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