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back bone design- help needed.

There are total 6 sites connected together with fiber optic cable(They are all over the country distance may be between 500 to 1200 KM), i dont know the capacity of them,

My job is to provide connectivity to all the sites with their specific requirements, their requirements are as follows,

at each site they want 4 oc3(155 mbps), 4 E3s, (34Mbps), 8 E1 s,(2 Mbps)- 6 E1 s Voice.( all these are interfaces/capacity should be available at these switches.

This is their requirement of them, now i have to provide them the suitable switches or routers, plz proivde me the suitable solution for this, i am not confident about providing an equipment with the said capacity, it can be cisco 7209, or cisco 6506 switch, or cisco mgx 8200

i want specs of any cisco device which meets the requirement.(If any body can give me clue like which cisco box to choose from, i can carry along with it.)

I iwll be implementing mpls on the core device.

plz advice.


Re: back bone design- help needed.

You can find data sheets for the products that you are looking at, in the following links :

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Re: back bone design- help needed.

thanx gmarogi.

BUt i have run into problems. My requirement is this.

1). 4 XSTM 1

2). 5 XE3

3). 8 XE1 Data

4)9 XE1 Voice.

5 8 X1000Mbps.

The switch should support 2000 PVC, SVC s

Minimum of 100 Point to Multipoint connections.

I have Nortel 6480 Paasport. But i am looking for cisco products. What do ya suggest from you experince. n what is equvalent of nortel 6480 in cisco.

Tell me a small thing. If i use 7513 with ATM module on it will this works as a ATM switch or do i need to have a external ATM swithc to proivdes pvc and svc.

If so which product is better.

I hope i will replied on said issues.

thanx n regards

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Re: back bone design- help needed.


The 7513 is just a router, and implements the UNI only. You will need an external ATM switch. I don't know the equivalent Cisco product to a 6480. Cisco have the 8540 or 8510 MSR that is an ATM switch, but I think it might be end of lifed.

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Re: back bone design- help needed.

HI .

Thanx for the info.

What about LS1010, which product do you recomend, in cisco to implemnt this design- do youhave any info about Juniper products.

thanx again for you precious time on this issue.

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Re: back bone design- help needed.


My understanding is that Cisco are encouraging people to use the 8540MSR for ATM.

Originally Juniper only had layer 3 routers, but with their purchase of Unisphere it is possible they have an ATM switch.



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