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basic mpls config

hello everyone.

well i need help from you people.can anybody give me basic config of mpls. i have 5 routers.i just wanna test it. i need the basic configuration. and a plan to test that its working.

thanks in advance.


Re: basic mpls config

you know i was going to answer and RTFM but here ya go im feeling happy this morning.

Each router

ip cef

mpls ldp label protocol ldp

mpls ldp router-id loopback 0

int lo0

ip address MUST BE A /32 address

on each interface thereafter

mpls ip

job done

to test? show mpls ldp neighbor, show mpls forwarding.

If you want to test PE functionality then i do suggest ;-)

Re: basic mpls config


just a small clarification of Robs post:

It should say: and then RTFM


Also traceroute and show ip cef detail will allow you to see labels and their usage.

On the interfaces "mpls mtu 1512" will avoid MTU problems.

And one more remark: do not get scared by the router if it is translating your "mpls ip" into "tag-switching ip". This is normal and does not do any harm. The meaning and function of the two commands are the same.

Hope this helps! Regards, Martin

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