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Cable Sub-Interface in VRF - DHCP Intermittent Problem

I've configured multiple VRF's to support third party access to our cable infrastructure.

Of the 15 CMTS' I have configured, all of them work fine except for one which happens to be a UBR10K running 12.2.15.BC1b. The other CMTS' (7200's and 7100's) are running fine with an older IOS revision but I need the latest IOS on the 10K to support VLAN sub-interfaces.

The problem is occasionally, DHCP clients will obtain an IP address/netmask from within the proper VRF subnet, but the client is unreachable from the CMTS.

If we disable the IP address in question from CNR and have the client renew their IP, service is restored.

This is a big problem. Even though this only happens occasionally, when you have 8000+ users on a CMTS, 'occasionally' still works out to quite a few problem calls.

Sub-interfaces set up to use static IP addressing on the client experience no problems.

Any advice would be appreciated.

= K


Re: Cable Sub-Interface in VRF - DHCP Intermittent Problem

More information may be require to understand the problem, mean while you can go through link :

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