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Cisco 7600 MPLS and set Qos group

Hi, i'm am trying to use to following class-maps and policy maps on a Cisco 7600. The same maps have been used on both 3700 series and 7200 series. However when i try to apply IP_TO_MPLS_OUT and MPLS_TO_IP_IN on the 7600 (with SUP32 and 48 port gigabit blade) i get a message on the console

"set qos group" not supported.

I used the QoS group to carry the MPLS EXP value (as label would is popped) and this works well.

How can i get the QoS group to work on the 7600, if not is there a valid workaround?

Many thanks for your help.

policy-map IP_TO_MPLS_OUT

class qosgrp5

set mpls experimental topmost 5

priority percent 10

class qosgrp4

bandwidth remaining percent 50

set mpls experimental topmost 4

class qosgrp2

bandwidth remaining percent 20

set mpls experimental topmost 2

class class-default

bandwidth remaining percent 30


set mpls experimental topmost 1

policy-map CE_OUT

class qosgrp5

set ip precedence 5

class qosgrp4

set ip precedence 4

class qosgrp2

set ip precedence 2

policy-map MPLS_TO_IP_IN

class MPLS_EXP5

set qos-group 5

class MPLS_EXP4

set qos-group 4

class MPLS_EXP2

set qos-group 2

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Re: Cisco 7600 MPLS and set Qos group


I'm not aware that you can use qos groups on c7600 (LAN ports ?).

For the MPLS_TO_IP direction you can use 'mpls propagate-cos' on the egress interface as workaround. This rewrites the egress IP ToS with the internal DSCP (which is inferred from the topmost MPLS label).

For the IP_TO_MPLS direction you could just match on the original DSCP ?



New Member

Re: Cisco 7600 MPLS and set Qos group

The fact that 7600 see them as LAN ports (even in no switchport mode) is going to be a problem. If will mean priority etc can not be used.

Do you know if this would be any better with a SUP720 or SUPRSP720? I currently have a SUP32.


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