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Concrete reason to pursue a jump to MPLS?

Hi, recently we've been start pushing our MPLS IP-VPN and VPLS solution to some customers, while most of them reluctant to have a revamp to their network infrastructure (most of them running on frame-relay). I tend to think that me myself can't find any concrete reason to prove that the MPLS is much superior compare to their Frame-relay or COINS except the connection speed.

I've tried to look through lots of documents and internet discussion, what you guys think about the edge that the MPLS can offer prior to FR and COINS? What i mean is in enterprise network whereby they have at least 20 sites connecting back to their HQ.


Re: Concrete reason to pursue a jump to MPLS?


I can think of several reasons to "jump" to MPLS.

1) Cost

MPLS offers several advantages to the SP (!) in allowing to transport all sort of services across one single backbone. Thus the resource utilization and operational expenses might be lowered for the SP and it can be cheaper to offer MPLS ...

2) Cost (ok, just kidding)

2) any-to-any connectivity

Especially with VoIP any-to-any connectivity is giving lowest possible delay times. With a FR hub-and-spoke design you get large(r) delay when spoke to spoke calls are required.

3) QoS

A FR switch does not "know" which traffic is important and which traffic is not. Thus VoIP priorization is somewhat difficult to achieve. The resulting requirement in a FR network also utilized for VoIP (or any other critical traffic) should not burst above CIR.

In an MPLS network the same classification and traffic treatment can be applied as within an IP network (mapping IP Precedence to MPLS exp bits).

4) Variety of connection options

ethernet, ppp, FR, ATM, IPSec ... there are many options to connect to an MPLS VPN. It is thus much more likely to have something at hand matching the customer requirements.

5) Easier setup of Central Service, overlapping VPN

The customer connectivity requirements are matched in a more flexible way through MPLS VPNs than with FR. In the latter you need additional firewalls to sort out extranet, remote access and central service VPNs.

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

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Re: Concrete reason to pursue a jump to MPLS?


Everybody talking about MPLS, so why not go for that.

For me, it is good to have MPLS because it has variety of connection options like Martin said. However, the service provider must be expert in this area before start offering to their customers.


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