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Dialer map L2TPv3

Dear all,

I am working on setup for L2TPv3, My WAN connections are serials links and i need to implement dialer map on these interfaces.

The xconnect command is applied on Ethernet interface to perform the tunneling, while the dialer map command is applied on serial interface, i need to configure the interest traffic that trigger the serial interface based on the traffic coming to Ethernet interface.

The normal configurations for the dialer map command

Configure access list to determine the interest traffic, then link these access list to serial interface.

Is there way to perform that(make the interest traffic based on the traffic coming to Ethernet)?



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Dialer map L2TPv3

Anyone has suggestions

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Re: Dialer map L2TPv3

Hello Abdallah,

you can use an extended ACL that matches on L2TPv3 destination address it should be enough as L2TPv3 will attempt to transmit any frame on the LAN interface that has to be sent to the remote site. ===========> this means an IP packet to be transmitted on the WAN side that can act as trigger

L2TPv3 is protocol 115 over IP

Hope to help


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Re: Dialer map L2TPv3

ThanksGiuseppefor your help.

Actually the L2TPv3 always attempts to build the tunnel between the two routers, regardless if the customer send data or not, the point is WAN should go up only if there is traffic coming from the customers (MPLS)routers as shown in graph attached , since the satellite is backup link and are charged based on the usage.

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Re: Dialer map L2TPv3

Is there way to build access list based on the traffic coming from customer side?

The Traffic has VLAN tag based on the VLAN tag, the L2TPv3 Build the tunnel for specific destination?


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