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Difrence between ... MPLS over Frame-Relay ATM

Hai all,

Sorry to ask very basic quiestion ..can some one tell what is the difrnce and advantage of MPLS over ATM and Frame-Relay ......pls provide me a better link ..for refrnce

Thanks in advance


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Re: Difrence between ... MPLS over Frame-Relay ATM

MPLS over ATM or MPLS over Frame-Relay it's not good idea, because if you use cell-mode labeling, you find someone limitation at this technology. DLCI and VPI/VCI value at this protocols it's not have large space. If you know how operate cell-mode, try to look at just for sample bits length with DLCI value at Frame-Relay protocol or VPI/VCI value at ATM protocol… Of course you can use same cheat like VCI-merge, but I think it's not very good idea.

Building new network infrastructure at this protocols it's not good idea… It's good idea to fast implement MPLS technology in old network infrastructure build with this protocols (just for sample, you can linked ATM forwarding plane and MPLS forwarding plane (in this situation you can abandon to use fixed configuration VPI/VCI for IP network and can use benefits offered ATM technology with MPLS)), but not for new network infrastructure. If you need to offer services with this protocols, you can use Any Transport Over MPLS technology.

For more information look at this page -

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Re: Difrence between ... MPLS over Frame-Relay ATM


The main advantage for service providers is that MPLS allows them to converge all of their services on their IP infrastructure.

MPLS allows them to offer private network services over their IP infrastructure just as they could with their FR and ATM networks, which allows them to eventually decomission their FR and ATM networks.


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