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EoMPLS between Cisco 7604 and ASR 9000

Dear collegues

We have Cisco  7604 and ASR 9000 connected together via 10GE interface. Our 7604 has  ES+ core-facing module and not ES+ on AC side. 

We are implementing EoMPLS between them but VC doesn't come up.

Does anyone have some consideration about what the problem is?

We have following connections:

Catalyst 3750 <---->  Ge 1/2 Cisco 7604 TE 4/4 <----> Te0/0/0/0 ASR9000 Te0/0/0/1 <----> ME 3600

Here is the output os show ... command

7604#sh module

Mod Ports Card Type                              Model             

--- ----- -------------------------------------- ------------------ -----------

  1    2  Route Switch Processor 720 (Active)    RSP720-3C-GE     

  2    4  CEF720 4 port 10-Gigabit Ethernet      WS-X6704-10GE    

  3   24  CEF720 24 port 1000mb SFP              WS-X6724-SFP      

  4    4  7600 ES+T                              76-ES+T-4TG       

7604# sh mpls l2transport vc 2 detail

Local interface: Gi1/2.528 up, line protocol up, Eth VLAN 528 up

  Destination address:, VC ID: 2, VC status: down

    Output interface: Te4/4, imposed label stack {16002}

    Preferred path: not configured 

    Default path: active

    Next hop:

  Create time: 04:14:29, last status change time: 00:22:04

  Signaling protocol: LDP, peer up

    Targeted Hello: Id) ->, LDP is UP

    Status TLV support (local/remote)   : enabled/supported

      LDP route watch                   : enabled

      Label/status state machine        : established, LruRrd

      Last local dataplane   status rcvd: No fault

      Last BFD dataplane     status rcvd: Not sent

      Last local SSS circuit status rcvd: No fault

      Last local SSS circuit status sent: DOWN(PW-tx-fault)

      Last local  LDP TLV    status sent: No fault

      Last remote LDP TLV    status rcvd: DOWN(PW-tx-fault)

      Last remote LDP ADJ    status rcvd: No fault

    MPLS VC labels: local 17, remote 16002

    PWID: 20639

    Group ID: local 0, remote 67109120

    MTU: local 9202, remote 9202

    Remote interface description: TenGigE0_0_0_1.100

  Sequencing: receive disabled, send disabled

  Control Word: On (configured: autosense)

  SSO Descriptor:, local label: 17

    SSM segment/switch IDs: 8353/12403 (used), PWID: 20639

  VC statistics:

    transit packet totals: receive 0, send 2

    transit byte totals:   receive 0, send 180

    transit packet drops:  receive 0, seq error 0, send 0

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ASR9000#sh l2vpn xconnect detail

Tue Feb 14 08:51:13.163 UTC

Group Backbone1, XC to7604, state is down; Interworking none

  AC: TenGigE0/0/0/1.100, state is up

    Type VLAN; Num Ranges: 1

    VLAN ranges: [100, 100]

    MTU 9202; XC ID 0x840001; interworking none


      packets: received 0, sent 0

      bytes: received 0, sent 0

      drops: illegal VLAN 0, illegal length 0

  PW: neighbor, PW ID 2, state is down ( remote standby )

    PW class dynamic_mpls, XC ID 0xc0000001

    Encapsulation MPLS, protocol LDP

    Source address

    PW type Ethernet VLAN, control word enabled, interworking none

    PW backup disable delay 0 sec

    Sequencing not set

    PW Status TLV in use

      MPLS         Local                          Remote                       

      ------------ ------------------------------ -----------------------------

      Label        16002                          17                           

      Group ID     0x4000100                      0x0                          

      Interface    TenGigE0/0/0/1.100             unknown                      

      MTU          9202                           9202                         

      Control word enabled                        enabled                      

      PW type      Ethernet VLAN                  Ethernet VLAN                

      VCCV CV type 0x2                            0x12                         

                   (LSP ping verification)        (LSP ping verification)      

      VCCV CC type 0x7                            0x6                          

                   (control word)                                              

                   (router alert label)           (router alert label)         

                   (TTL expiry)                   (TTL expiry)                 

      ------------ ------------------------------ -----------------------------

    Incoming Status (PW Status TLV):

      Status code: 0x0 (Up) in Notification message

    Outgoing Status (PW Status TLV):

      Status code: 0x10 (PW Down) in Notification message

    MIB cpwVcIndex: 3221225473

    Create time: 14/02/2012 08:26:46 (00:24:26 ago)

    Last time status changed: 14/02/2012 08:27:57 (00:23:15 ago)


      packets: received 0, sent 0

      bytes: received 0, sent 0

Cisco Employee

EoMPLS between Cisco 7604 and ASR 9000


In addition to these commands, you should review the MPLS Label (Outer Label) assigned by the MPLS network to the Xconnect  to determine if it is using LDP or if is using a TE-Tunnel,  MLS CEF (on the 7600) and the output of debug commands for the xconnect.

Note: Depending on the amount of Xconnects in your network, it's recommended to perform conditional debugging to limit the amount of debug data (i.e. debug interface Te4/4, followed by specific debug commands).

On the 7600:

- show mpls forwarding table | i 16002

- show mls cef mpls labels 16002

- show mls cef adjacency entry 16002 detail

- debug interface Te4/4

- debug mpls l2transport vc status event

- debug mpls l2transport vc status fm

Additional details available at :

Let us know if you'd prefer to continue troubleshooting with you.

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EoMPLS between Cisco 7604 and ASR 9000

Rurick, thank you for your answer!

We solved the problem.

I used static routing to reach loopbacks, and when I configured OSPF between 7604 and asr9k VC came up.

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