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Evaluate / Pilot of MPLS in country


I am currently working on project to select a vendor for MPLS deployment in all AP countries.

I would like to have advice on following:-

1. how do we best select/evaluate a MPLS provider in term of their capability/Infrastructure/security/CoS/etc. Do we have any document or checklist ?

2. i need to have 1-2 site in country for the MPLS pilot. What need to take care of? Any document/checklist is available for reference?

You professional advice is appreciate.





Re: Evaluate / Pilot of MPLS in country

Christopher, your requirements would be a very good checklist here to shortlist the vendor.

But personally, all the SP's would say they provide capability/Infrastructure/security/CoS/ etc.

So only way to ascertain is gather some market information regarding the vendor, what I mean to say is you may have to do a informal check with other customers regarding the SP vendor. As even though every SP providing MPLS services would meet all your requirements, the key point here is how well a vendor adheres to SLA's for these services.



New Member

Re: Evaluate / Pilot of MPLS in country

Thanks for replied on my question.

We are in progress of discussion with various SP. Their infrastructure is abit different from each others, ofcourse price different too. :-)

For example: some SP do not present in-country, they will get service from local provider for the MPLS services. My question is, what need to take note if this situation happen?

Anyone out there have any similar deployment which can share with me.



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Re: Evaluate / Pilot of MPLS in country

see christopher what swaroop said is very times various SP are not given licenses in a country so they take the services from the local SP for there global reach. I wud say just check the infrastructure and the SLA's of all the SP ur meeting up..

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