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H-VPLS topology with OSM, ME3750,

hi.. first of all, Sorry for my poor english :)

We have Cisco 7609 Router with OSM module what is pacing to MPLS Core to service VPLS, H-VPLS, and SVI EoMPLS.

We established the VPLS Full-Mesh for each PE, and the vc came up, So we finished the configuration of VPLS between PEs.

and We use a ME3750 for eompls to NPE with osm. WE configure the mpls on ME3750 ES Port,

the ME 3750 ES port <--> Gigethernet 1/1 with OSM(not GE WAN)

the mpls l2 vc didn't come up. VC status was down. So We moved the port from Giga1/1 to GE WAN 1/2, as soon as the MPLS L2 VC came up. So the communication is no problem.!

I wonder is that if We configure H-VPLS between C6509 with OSM and ME 3750, Should We attach the port only GE WAN?

the topology like follows:

ME3750 ES -- GE WAN 1/2 -- GE WAN 1/1 -- P router

Should I use the GE WAN port to core facing and user facing(to go to ME3750)?

Thanks in advance


Re: H-VPLS topology with OSM, ME3750,

The OSM-2+4GE-WAN-GBIC+ is the only core facing module supported.

Before you configure VPLS, ensure that the network is configured as follows:

•Configure IP routing in the core so that the PE routers can reach each other via IP.

•Configure MPLS in the core so that a label switched path (LSP) exists between the PE routers.

•Configure a loopback interface for originating and terminating Layer 2 traffic. Make sure the PE routers can access the other router's loopback interface. Note that the loopback interface is not needed in all cases. For example, tunnel selection does not need a loopback interface when VPLS is directly mapped to a TE tunnel.

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Re: H-VPLS topology with OSM, ME3750,

Thank for your comment.

My main questions is that when I configure the H-VPLS between C3750-ME and C6500 with OSM..

the C3750 ME must use the ES port to C6500 with its ES port. Right?

at C6509 with OSM. C6509 is need to OSM's GE wan port to connect C3750-ME for estalishing EoMPLS circuit. Right?

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