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Help in strategy for Migrating to MPLS from PRN cloud Same provider


We are planning to migrate to MPLS from PRN using same provider, I have about 12 sites to migrate, new circuits have been provisioned and new routers are ready to be shipped to each site for installation.

Now, I am facing a dilemma, briefly speaking with provider they tell me that we can migrate a site a time no problem here, then next day they tell me it needs to be a hot cut over migration how can this be? so going back and forth and tayloring routers configurations I literally stopped, would like ask for assistance and your opinion on how to go about such migration to tentatively lock into a solid strategy.

Any documents out there you can point me to or experience in such migration will be appreciated.

All of our sites currently connect to PRN cloud including HQ, running OSPF multiple areas, at a glance I was thinking the provider would somehow bridge the two clouds so that I could build a parallel infrastructure and migrate branch offices one at a time but I am still unclear on how to proceed, I will be speaking with the provider more extensively in the next few days but any guidance will be appreciated.

Best Regards


Re: Help in strategy for Migrating to MPLS from PRN cloud Same p

Henry, thanks for those links and help.

Would like to share what I have done which seems so far to be working properly, so that if any one comes accross they get an idea.

It turned out our RPN/MPLS provider cannot or don't want to somehow cross connect the two clouds, so I was forced to do the cross connect at my end begining with two sites, I have setup what I had in mind, for each of the two targeted sites I have installed a new 3845 router with new DS3 link to MPLS cloud and created a cross connect to a 6509_switch_router that is connected under the PRN infrastructure. The 3845 was configured as a virtual link for ospf, all good here so far the 3845 joing ospf domain and received routing table from from PRN side. The next site had also new router and new circuit for the MPLS side, at this second site I brough down the router connecting to PRN cloud then brought up the new 2811 router which I had preconfigured under the same ospf domain and received routing table from the 3845 router DS3 MPLS link. We will let it run for a week to allow to troubleshoot or spod any issues before proceeding to migrate more sites.