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Help---MPLS Solution


Please help me regarding the MPLS solution.

We have one MPLS circuit in production.

Connectivity is --Core switch connected to Juniper firewall and firewall connected to

India end border router and this router is connected to MPLS CE router in india.

We are planning another MPLS circuit.

Now there are two CE router in india end and both the router are terminated to India end

border router.

Please help me...what are the different solution with the present scenario...i.e.,

Auto swithover

Auto failover

100% redundancy

Load balancing.

How my India end border comes to know that my one MPLS circuit is down? And how

it will auto swithover to another CE router??


Re: Help---MPLS Solution

Since there are 2 CEs deployed, the existing design is focusing on CE-level and PE-CE link level redundancy more.

As it is your SP must be having multiple levels redundancy within MPLS cloud.

You may extend you existing IGP to your CE from you border router. This way you can configure load balancing and if any circuit goes down the traffic switching will fall back on to the other link when you IGP converges. ( For this you will have to run a IGP on you PE-CE link as well, static routes wont help).



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Re: Help---MPLS Solution

Why don't you run BGP on your CE routers? You will have to run a dynamic routing protocol if you want redundancy. Something that is kinda new is bidirectional forwarding detection (BFD). I think you can tie BFD to static routes, but you and your provider will need to run BFD.

I would strongly suggest you use BGP for this.

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