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Help with MPLS router selection


We will be implementing an MPLS network at 5 locations.  I am looking at router selection and below I posted what I am looking at and current speeds and "future" speeds.

Main HQ - Cisco 7201 - Proposed 45Mbps, Future "150Mbps - 200Mbps"

Site 2 - Cisco 3945 - Proposed 31Mbps, Future "100 Mbps"

Site 3 - Cisco 2911 - Proposed 22Mbps, Future "50Mbps"

Site 4 - Cisco 2911 - Proposed 22Mbps, Future "50Mbps"

Site 5 - Cisco 1921 - Proposed 10Mbps, Future "20-30Mbps"

Thanks in advance.


Help with MPLS router selection

Hey Richard,

The 7201 router is "end-of-lifed". If for a lab environment, perhaps not problem.

Not sure if this helps or not but I use 1760s as the CEs and 2800s for the PEs and all works pretty well.

I run dual stack v4/v6 with v4 Multicast Sparse-mode.

I know you are asking about throughput and this is a very hard topic to find details about.

Here is a doc I used but it is sort of limited, Cisco seems not to mention sustained throughput

Google search keywords

cisco router throughput comparision

Hope this helps


Help with MPLS router selection

Hi frank,

If I am not mistaken 2800/3800 ISR's are EOS as of Nov 2011. So, you can only buy 2900/3900 ISR G2's.

I agree with you about the main office that 7200 is not  the choice. Perhaps a 3945 should do the job  or if you want higher even a ASR 1k series with a 2G ESP is also ideal . the cost is almost about the same as a 3945 i believe and its a 1 RU as well



Help with MPLS router selection

As far as I understand you are not going to use these routers for lab but for your production network, isnt?

Otherwise you do not need to care for the EOS and you can buy second hand equipment.

I would recommned and agree with Cisco 7201 for your HQ which is not EOSale yet but in 29/9/2012

You should choose the G2 processor for the 7200

For the site 5 I would not recommnend 1921 but a 2911 but it depends also for the services that you are going to run to this router as well as the packet size (e.g. encryption, VoIP cRTP etc). .

I agree with all the rest routers for the sites 2-4

Help with MPLS router selection

I would def stay away from gear that is EOL. Funny that the EOL of the 7200 was sept 30, 2011 but EOS is 2012.

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Help with MPLS router selection

Hi yes, this would be for a production network.  The 2901/11/21/51 can only support 75Mbps of WAN connection is that correct?  If so, I don't think those sites 3/4/5 would ever get near that.  I was talking to my superior and I doubt site 1 would ever go above 350Mbps. 

This brings up a good question.  If one site needs a 7 T1 bonded connection for site 5, should I go with the 2900 series to get the additional two wic slots?  Or does Cisco sell a 4 Port T1 WIC that will support the newer G2 series routers.  Also the other 4 sites are getting a DS3 connection for the MPLS...yes this is the ISP's decision and not mine.

Thanks again.

Cisco Employee

Help with MPLS router selection

Hello Richard,

Would like to know if there is any reason that you are not looking upto ASR1k router as that is the replacement for 7200 routers. ASR1k are really powerful routers and also good for not just L3 VPN's but also for its wide variety features for L2VPN as well.



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