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New Member

how to migrate on to MPLS network....


we are a telecom service provider and want to shift our network backbone/core on to MPLS .

would appreciate if someone could help me in the same or any doc to go through for migration steps.

right now the network is on we have to cofigure it first for frame relay or ATM ???

Thanks in advance


Re: how to migrate on to MPLS network....

There is no such migration document available, till my awareness is. Although Vivek Alwayns book is a good place to start understanding the nitty grities.

No you dont need to migrate your network to ATM or FR as its already on IP.

Here is a high level summary of the migration steps to be followed:

1) Migrate the Core for Label Switching.

2) Enable all service including Internet, Central Hosted Service Like Mail, Telephony etc onto a dual connected scenario. That is each service will have two links one for VRF and other into Global Table.

3) Start migrating customers one at a time,

when you put them in VRF they acces all the services as is through VRF and who are left over they access through global table.

This requires each VPN/Customer to be migrated at a time. Hope this method suits you, as its very subjective.

Also you can read through these previous post,

1)MPLS: Redistribute from VRF to Global

2)best internet access method over MPLS?

All this would you a fair idea of all hte high level tasks involved. Then you have to start working out everything into miute details, considering all the services you want to deploy.



Re: how to migrate on to MPLS network....


I would also strongly consider attending the classes "MPLS" and "MPLST" to get the required knowledge prior to the redesign.

The cost of two courses are neglegible against a single major event bringing down the network or a serious design flaw prolonging the conversion for weeks.

Regards, Martin

P.S.: You can guess where I would look for those classes ;-)

New Member

Re: how to migrate on to MPLS network....

Dear Martin,

Swaroop is providing a very good training.

I have attended his class.

Swaroop don't mind but this is true.



Re: how to migrate on to MPLS network....

Thanks Mahesh!

Good to know that you and the team enjoyed the training, as you all know I am not a regular trainer :-).



New Member

Re: how to migrate on to MPLS network....

Migrating to MPLS core might not essentially mean migrating all your Internet customers to VRFs.You might have to carefully consider the pros and cons before you decide on a strategy.

If your intention is just to provide MPLS based services you could just start off without much migration.Ofcourse the right strategy will depend on your network's specific requirements.

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