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How to monitoring and police traffic from LNS into MPLS?


I have a situation with a LNS for used to terminate PPP sessions for Broadband (ASR1004) from a couple of providers. This is used for multiple customers and sessions are placed into the required VRF, the LNS are also part of a MPLS network allowing the traffic to pass to other devices.

The question is, does anybody know how we can monitor and police/shape traffic comming from and to indiviual customers?

For example, we might have 5 customers each with 100 PPP sessions landing on the LNS, we might give each PPP session 2mb, but want to stop a customer from sending or recieving more that 20mb in total.

We can do this on a per session, or on the upstream interfaces but we cant group the traffic.

Any ideas on how we could do this would be appreicated?

The reasons for doing this are so we can, charge customers for bandwidth used, and stop a single customer from potentially effecting other customers by conjestion.

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