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How to protect MPLS TE sub-pool from other traffic

Hi MPLS expert,

I would like to know how we can make sure that traffic that goes into a tunnel configured with the subpool x kbs option is not affected by other type of traffic that are not part of the tunnel in a case of congestion of the low latency queue.

It is my understanding that TE works at control plane only and does not provide any kind of priority for the TE tunnel. If I am not mistaken, it is not possible to assign any kind of policing or shaping to a tunnel interface.

Question 1

I would like to understand how we can make sure that TE traffic using the subpool option will not be affected by other traffic that also goes into the LLQ in a congestion situation.

Is the only way to prioritize TE traffic is to police all other source of traffic that can go in the LLQ?

Question 2

If this is true that we cannot applied QOS policy to a tunnel, how can we make sure that all the traffic going into the tunnel is mark with the same EXP bits?

Thanks for your help


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