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New Member

How to trigger a log message when a routers CPU is high loaded


A router (c6500-sup720) has experiencing high CPU load from time to time. Is there any way to "tell" the router to generate a log message when CPU load is over 80%.


Re: How to trigger a log message when a routers CPU is high load

Dear dbarrientos,

6500 is one of the Cisco Catalyst Switches

(Depending on the device software IOS/Cat-OS) use the below command on the MSFC module if you are hyper IOS or on the global configuration mode in Native IOS

Core2(config)#logging buffered ?

<0-7> Logging severity level

<4096-2147483647> Logging buffer size

alerts Immediate action needed (severity=1)

critical Critical conditions (severity=2)

debugging Debugging messages (severity=7)

emergencies System is unusable (severity=0)

errors Error conditions (severity=3)

informational Informational messages (severity=6)

notifications Normal but significant conditions (severity=5)

warnings Warning conditions (severity=4)

xml Enable logging in XML to XML logging buffer

Also during the CPU problem try to issue the command Show proc CPU and check which running process consuming large CPU

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Best Regards,

Mounir Mohamed

New Member

Re: How to trigger a log message when a routers CPU is high load

The router (sup720) is configured with logging severity level 7. Shouldn't the router generate log messages when the CPU is loaded to 99%? In our case it doesn't.

We know that the posible cause of this is high amount of Input queue drops on one of gig interfaces. I think it's because of a broadcast storm, and we need to identify the source of it

What do I need is that the router should generate a trap when the CPU load is above 50%(for example). In this way someone at management can start a capture of packets comming to the router via one of its interfaces. How can I achieve that?


Cisco Employee

Re: How to trigger a log message when a routers CPU is high load

CPU Thresholding Notification will do this via an SNMP trap.

You will have to check feature navigator however to see if it's available for the Sup720 yet.


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