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Implemting a Sprint MPLS/VPN


I'm implmenting a Sprint MPLS/VPN network. This is a point to point between two of my locations. The connection is handed of to me as a serial connection and I will be connecting to cisco 2800 on bothe ends. Does anyone have what a sample config might look like for my Cisco rotuer?

Thanks in advance

joe Bronze

Re: Implemting a Sprint MPLS/VPN

You are running a simple CE (customer edge) router. As a customer of the MPLS provider you do not participate in the MPLS label switching process. You will not be required to participate in MPLS LDP, etc.

You will only need the BGP/OSPF/EIGRP/RIP or STATIC routing required to route towards your other branch.

Just ask SPRINT to give you this when you turn up. MPLS is simply used on THEIR backbone to distinguish customer prefixes using route distinguishers and route-targets.


Re: Implemting a Sprint MPLS/VPN

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In addition to JOE POST,

You need to configure as normal CE Router. You can handover your Network Traffic either via some DYNAMIC Routing Protocols (BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP) or Static Routing at LAST MILE towards your Service Provider.

At the Service Provider Side, the Connected Interface with your CE will be added with "ip vrf forwarding " command. Where seperate Routing instance will be maintained on top of Global Routing Table. The MPLS Labels are swapped over their Backbone / partner - NNI to carry your traffic over a Label Switched Path.

For an MPLS to work, the IP-CEF will be enabled. This kind of MPLS Technology, will enable fast processing of Packets and Traffic over the Large Scale Network.

Similarly the RT & RD Values are used to distinguish the Customer Prefixes. The RT export and Import will be done at end - to - end at Service Provider Side Routers to make the HO & BO to communicate.

The CE Router will not involve any MPLS / VRF Configuration Technology.

Hope I am Informative.

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Guru Prasad R

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