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New Member


Dear ,

I’m trying to configure INTER-AS VPLS as the attached topology the ASBR1:Cisco IOS , PE1:ASR9K and ASBR2:Juniper MX

The L2vpn BGP Multi-hope BGP is up and I can see the label swapping form the both end but the VC is down

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:IGW-LON-1#show l2vpn bridge-domain neighbor detail

Mon Jun  4 10:17:14.691 UTC

Bridge group: MPLSl2VPN, bridge-domain: MPLSL2VPN, id: 0, state: up, ShgId: 0, MSTi: 0

  MAC learning: enabled

  MAC withdraw: enabled

    MAC withdraw for Access PW: enabled


    Broadcast & Multicast: enabled

    Unknown unicast: enabled

  MAC aging time: 300 s, Type: inactivity

  MAC limit: 4000, Action: none, Notification: syslog

  MAC limit reached: no

  MAC port down flush: enabled

  MAC Secure: disabled, Logging: disabled

  Split Horizon Group: none

  Dynamic ARP Inspection: disabled, Logging: disabled

  IP Source Guard: disabled, Logging: disabled

  DHCPv4 snooping: disabled

  IGMP Snooping profile: none

  Bridge MTU: 1500

  MIB cvplsConfigIndex: 1

  Filter MAC addresses:

  Create time: 04/06/2012 08:00:37 (02:16:36 ago)

  No status change since creation

  ACs: 1 (1 up), VFIs: 1, PWs: 1 (0 up), PBBs: 0 (0 up)

  List of Access PWs:

  List of VFIs:


      VPN-ID: 2, Auto Discovery: BGP, state is Provisioned (Service Connected)

      Route Distinguisher:  65500:800

      Import Route Targets:


      Export Route Targets:


      Signaling protocol: BGP

      Local VE-ID: 2 ,  Advertised Local VE-ID : 2

      VE-Range: 10

      PW: neighbor, PW ID 2, state is down ( all ready ) (Transport LSP Down)

        PW class not set, XC ID 0xfffc0002

        Encapsulation MPLS, Auto-discovered (BGP), protocol BGP

        PW type VPLS, control word disabled, interworking none

        PW backup disable delay 0 sec

        Sequencing not set

          MPLS         Local                          Remote                       

          ------------ ------------------------------ -------------------------

          Label        16015                          262210                       

          MTU          1500                           unknown                      

          Control word disabled                       disabled                     

          PW type      VPLS                           VPLS                         

          VE-ID        2                              1                            

          ------------ ------------------------------ -------------------------

        MIB cpwVcIndex: 4294705154

        Create time: 04/06/2012 08:40:51 (01:36:22 ago)

        Last time status changed: 04/06/2012 08:40:51 (01:36:22 ago)

        MAC withdraw message: send 0 receive 0

        Static MAC addresses:

      DHCPv4 snooping: disabled

      IGMP Snooping profile: none

      VFI Statistics:

        drops: illegal VLAN 0, illegal length 0

Mon Jun  4 10:18:25.316 UTC

BGP router identifier, local AS number 65555

BGP generic scan interval 60 secs

BGP table state: Active

Table ID: 0x0   RD version: 3889240856

BGP main routing table version 13

BGP scan interval 60 secs

Status codes: s suppressed, d damped, h history, * valid, > best

              i - internal, r RIB-failure, S stale

Origin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete

   Network            Next Hop        Rcvd Label      Local Label

Route Distinguisher: 65500:800 (default for vrf MPLSl2VPN:MPLSL2VPN)

*> 1:1/32      262209          nolabel        

*> 2:1/32            nolabel         16015          

New Member


Hi ,

I will share my experience in this

Due to my requirements to have Mnulti-hope L2 vpn signaling between ASBR2 and PE1 I used this RFC option C

ASBR1: Junos MX

ASBR2:Cisco 7600( you can’t run VPLS BGP signaling on this router you need extra card ES+ because of this I used method C )


The configuration as below

  • •1-      As100 running LDP and AS200 running RSVP
  • •2-      Send the label unicast using BGP between ASBR1&ASBR2 and advertise the Loopback ip addresses of PE1,ASBR1 & ASBR2 between each other using BGP

From cisco : neighbor ASBR2 address send-label

From Juniper side :

type external;

family inet {

   labeled-unicast {

       resolve-vpn;  // you need to insert this command to make the LSP up inside inet.3 table



neighbor ASBR1 address

  • •3-      Inside ASBR1 you need to redistribute the ASBR2 inside the IGP

  • •4-      Multi-hope L2vpn signaling between the PE1 & ASBR2

type external;



family l2vpn {



neighbor  PE1 loopback Ip

form ASR:


af-group L2VPN address-family l2vpn vpls-vpws

route-policy pass-all in

route-policy pass-all out

session-group L2VPN

remote-as 65500

ebgp-multihop 255

update-source Loopback200

neighbor-group L2VPN

use session-group L2VPN

address-family l2vpn vpls-vpws

   use af-group L2VPN

neighbor ASBR2 loopback IP

use neighbor-group L2VPN

  • •5-      VPLS configuration :

Form Juniper:

show routing-instances MPLSL2VPN-INTER-AS

instance-type vpls;

interface ge-11/0/1.70;

route-distinguisher 200:800;

vrf-target target:200:800;

protocols {

   vpls {

       traceoptions {

           file MPLSL2.log;

           flag all;


       site-range 10;

       mac-table-size {



       interface-mac-limit {




       site 1 {

           site-identifier 1;

           interface ge-11/0/1.70;




Form ASR side :


autodiscovery bgp

signaling-protocol bgp

   mtu mismatch ignore //// you need this command very very necessary as without this the PW will not become UP


bridge group MPLSL2VPN-INTER-AS

bridge-domain MPLSL2VPN-INTER-AS

   interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0


   vfi L2VPN

   vpn-id 2

   autodiscovery bgp

     rd 200:800

     route-target 200:800

     signaling-protocol bgp

     ve-id 2







New Member


hi Friend,

could you possible to send me one completely configuration file ? many thanks!


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