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internet connection sharing


I dont not know if this is the right list but I hope you can give me some insights regarding my concern.

I am currently working on a company with MPLS connection for multiple sites/branches. The headquarters do have two links, one is for MPLS (private network) and the other one is for our internet connection (public network). Here are some infos for the network:

Site_A (headquarters):

- this site have two links, one is MPLS and the other one is the public connection (for internet connection)

- mail, web, proxy (Wingate server) and database servers are located in this area.

Sites B,C,D and E (remote sites/branches):

- only routers with VoIP capabilities are installed on these sites for voice and data communications.

- these sites should pass the proxy server (Wingate server) to be able to access the public network

My main concern is, I wanted to change the Wingate server for the following reasons:

- since it is a windows based program, it is prone to computer viruses and vulnerable to security threats

- it is difficult to manage since you have to inform all users that they should use a proxy server to access the internet and enable socks to be able to access other services.

What are the other ways of sharing the internet connection in our headquarters ?




Re: internet connection sharing

If you are using Private IP addresses in your branch office and you want to avoid the proxy configuration, you can use a Cache Engine at your central site. With WCCP redirection, the routers can redirect the requests to the Cache Engine which retrieves and caches the pages. I think this has got nothing to do with MPLS. This link has the docs on Cisco Cache Engine :

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Re: internet connection sharing


You could also make your cache configuration easier by using an autoproxy, and use a proper cache, like a Netcache,



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