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LDP Discovery on Multiple Tunnel Interfaces

I am testing a configuration that utilizes two sets of mGRE tunnels to facilitate coms between each site and plan to implement label switching through each tunnel. My question is, when I issue the "sho mpls ldp discovery" command, I see that one of the tunnels is identified as xmit, and the other as xmit/recv. How is this determined? Can it be hard-set? Also, can bi-directional ldp discovery be implemented on both tunnels? Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: LDP Discovery on Multiple Tunnel Interfaces

LDP session establish between LDP router-ids, it seems that your problem is due to far end does not have a route back to this router's router-id via second tunnel.

Make sure that you can extended ping between the router-ids

Yes, you can change (?hard-set? as you mean) by mpls ldp router-id command

I presume both tunnels are terminated in the same respective routers. Yes, you can discover neighbors via both tunnels.

Here is some more steps to troubleshoot.

1. shutdown the working tunnel

2. extended ping

3. deb tunnel, make sure tunnel doesn't flap due to recursive lookups, (may be do this when the first tunnel is up/up)

4. show tcp brief

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