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Main tunnel not restoring to backup tunnel


As per above figure, all are 7200 routers with sp ios 12.4. I am trying the fast re route node protection. There is main tunnel Tunnel 1 from R1 to R6 with path-option as dynamic i.e from R1-R2-R3-R4-R6. Another back up tunnel is created on R2 to R4 with explicit path option i.e excluding R3. Protected interface is fa1/1. Both tunnels are up and working BUT problem arises when I shut the link between R2 and R3. However Tunnel 1 follows the other path i.e through R5 and R7 as it is only the path available but by not restoring the back up tunnel. On R2, nnhop shown is R5. If I am correct It should be R4. I think R4 is not sending its label os showing itself as the nnhop.Can anyone please help me on this?

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