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MPLS L3 Route - 7600


we have a MPLS L3 between our branches, recently we are facing problem with branches connecivites.

our setup is 7609 router connected to CE 3900 branch router, we are using a Interface Vlan to route behind the CE subnets.

CE using sub interface with 802.1q to interconnect with right vlan on the PE. the issue is that we are able to ping the P2P ip between

PE-CE, while the subnets behind CE including physical CE inside IP is not pingable, some time if we initiate the ping from CE source traffic

from inside interface then, bidirectional communication ping is working for some time then it stop.

correct vrf route and redisirbution already one place, same setup is used for hundred of sites, only new sites getting this issue.

the more interesting thing, while we are unable to ping inside CE IP, some hosts/Servers IP are reachable and work fine.

we try to get any bug that might related to the same issue without any luck.

PE:  CISCO7609

IOS: c7600s72033-advipservicesk9-mz.122-33.SRE5.bin

any help will be appreicated.


Cisco Employee

MPLS L3 Route - 7600

Hi Mohammed

Are you trying to ping from remote side ?

Can you provide interface configuration between CE & PE, and routing protocol configuration between CE & PE

If you have EBGP, have you configured ebgp next-hop-self ?

Did you try to traceroute from both side and see where it's blocking ?



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