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mpls over atm ppp over aal5


Does cisco support mpls over atm-ppp-llc

per RFC 2354(PPP over AAL5).

Something like a scenario if Cisco acts as a PE and it gets frames with mpls over atm-ppp-llc from a connected CE ,is it supported in cisco , or it will drop the frames ?

Running mpls over ce-pe link is mandatory for the specific scenario.


Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: mpls over atm ppp over aal5


I answered this question in the WAN Routing & Switching forum but you did not respond. Let me therefore repeat my question: Excuse me if I got your idea wrong but do you want to run MPLS on a PE-CE link that is provided by PPP over AAL5? Usually, the MPLS is not run on PE-CE links. Do you require having MPLS on them?

Best regards,


New Member

Re: mpls over atm ppp over aal5

hi peter ,

Thanks for your response..

yes..its reqd for the scenario where we need to take mpls directly to the CE.

Also I have a basic question abt the product,pls forgive my ignorance .

Can a 3640 can have PE functionality?

Or only higher end Cisco routers have this functionality.

thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: mpls over atm ppp over aal5


The MPLS should be supported also on PPP over AAL5. Simply use the "mpls ip" command on the Virtual-Template or the Dialer interface you are using on top of the ATM VC to set up the PPP interface.

The 3640 with proper IOS can support the PE functions. The Enterprise feature sets should be equipped with all features necessary to provide a PE router functionality - basically, the VRF, MPLS, LDP, MPLS VPN support, BGP, BGP VPNv4 support, IGP protocols with VRF support and that should be sufficient.

Best regards,


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