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MPLS QoS on 6500



MPLS QoS on 6500

Hi Siddigirf

The requirements which you have mentioned I think can be very well implemented on c6500 Platform.

Howerver before putting up my understanding in front of you regarding this QoS requirement I would like to confirm with you why you specifically need Long Pipe (PIPE) mode of operation here..As your requirement is that Customer;s DSCP ie IP QoS marking be remain untouched through MPSL Cloud then I would like to mention that in MPLS QoS the default mode of operation is Short PIPE Mode wherein that the Customer QoS remains untouched and passed transparently across the cloud and PHP has no effect on this behaviour. Remember PHP is on EXP and Customer QoS is in DSCP which is in the underlying IP Packet.Under default mode of Short PIPE operation the PHB((Per Hop Behaviour)) at the Egress PE is decided based on underlying DSCP value of the IP Packet

PIPE mode is useful in Carrier Supporting Carrier Scenarios weherby we want to send traffic to the upstream Carrier with the same PHB treatment as in the porivider's own MPLS Cloud and the PHB is based on EXP value and not DSCP Value.

Having said that I think we should be using Short PIPE Mode only and PHP enabled on the Egress PEs.Please confirm so that I can think more on the actual QoS requirement at the Ingress and Egress PEs.



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MPLS QoS on 6500

Hi Varma

Thanks for your reply...

Firstly, The reason why I wanted to implement Long pipe mode is because the CE router will be SP owned and there are multiple customers connected off the CE (multi-VRF), So the customer handoff is the LAN port off the router. I therefore wanted the PE-CE traffic treatment as per SP policy and not customer IP DSCP.

In order to achieve this I would need Long pipe mode with explicit-Null. However it seems this is not supported on the c6500 platform, unless there is a workaround.

Also I just found out that PFC3 does not support NBAR. So for remarking on ingress I will have to rely on ACL's, unless there is another way?

Your help is much appreciated.

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Re: MPLS QoS on 6500

6500 don’t support PIPE mode and as you correctly mentioned it doesn’t support shaping on LAN cards.

Since you don’t trust customer dscp at ingress and use NBAR for classifying the traffic, for non VPN traffic ( i.e. single labeled) , if PHP happens at egress , you again need to use NBAR at PE-CE egress.

Even if you disable PHP , It doesn’t’ help because 6500 don’t support PIPE mode and you will have to use default short pipe mode ( dssp if don’t want to use NBAR)..



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MPLS QoS on 6500

Hi Chintan,

Please see my reply above to Varma. PFC3 also does not support NBAR


Irfan S.

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