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MPLS - Randomly Losing EIGRP Neighbor from CE to PE

During past couple months we have been experiencing seemingly random cases of losing EIGRP neighbor relationships from our many remote sites to the provider edge. All sites are on MPLS and neighbor with a PE router. When this happens it causes major issues with our VoIP systems, not to mention critical data services. In most cases we find no circuit issues (all sites are frame-relay into the MPLS cloud) and the provider confirms no errors, etc. when loooking at PM's and testing the circuit.

I am concerned about how EIGRP is performing thru the providers backbone, and moreover how to I tell if that's where the problem lies?

Has anyone had similar issues with intermittent EIGRP flaps with their PE router? Any and all guidance is appreciated.


Re: MPLS - Randomly Losing EIGRP Neighbor from CE to PE

HI Chharris, [Pls RATE if HELPS]

Beteween PE - CE, it means the LAST MILE Routing protocol.

Any identification of EIGRP Routes are stable in the Topology Table ?

Any IOS Bug observed with the PE / CE IOS ?

Please share the details to get into more on this topic.

Best Regards,

Guru Prasad R

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